Sète, a town between sea and lagoon…

This beautiful seaport town in the south of France is known as the “unique isle”, a name it fully deserves.

Nestled beneath the Mont Saint Clair, the town is criss-crossed by canals, giving a charming seaside feel to both the bourgeois and more modest houses. Sète is full of surprises and marvelous discoveries. It has strong traditions, and a remarkable, authentic cuisine. Soak up the atmosphere.

Explore Sète by bike and discover all its charms…

Bikes are provided so that you can discover all of Sète’s treasures: the famous coastal road, the beaches, the port, the town centre. You could dive into local culture and art by visiting the Georges Brassens Museum, the Musée de la Mer (Sea Museum), the Paul-Valery Museum or the Musée des Arts Modestes (MIAM), all located in the centre of Sète. As you visit these prime examples of local architecture, you can soak up the festive atmosphere and activities that go on all year round.




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    The Oyster Farm

    At the Tarbouriech oyster farm, you can discover the work of oyster farmers, the solar-powered oyster-growing racks and the growing cycle of the Spéciales Tarbouriech Oysters.

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    Le St Barth'

    At the St Barth’, our renovated oyster farmer’s house (locally known as a “mas”) on the banks of the Thau Lagoon, you can taste the Tarbouriech “sea harvest”, including the Spéciales Tarbouriech Oysters or Sabine Tarbouriech’s famous Brasucade.

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    Le Domaine Tarbouriech

    Set between the vines and the lagoon, Le Domaine Tarbouriech is a place to try out new experiences, relax and unwind. Discover our accommodation (suites, rooms and lodges), our Ostreathérapie® Spa, and our La Folie Tarbouriech restaurant where you can sample local gastronomy.

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    Le MadLab

    The MadLab is a place for interdisciplinary experimentation and collaboration on the banks of the lagoon, where talented people from various backgrounds create and run in situ, themed workshops for Domaine Tarbouriech customers.

Plunge into the world of oysters and take time out for yourself

Accompanied by our guides, learn about oyster farming through workshops or excursions. Discover the bountiful, protected world of oysters, which we are so passionate about! Thanks to “Ostréaologie” (Oysterology), you will soon know all there is to know about oysters.

Why not give your creativity a free rein? You could draw with an artist, attend a conference, discover the area with a historian, swim with sea horses, cross the lagoon in a boat or on a paddleboard, discover local plants with a botanist, or finally take the time to write your novel…


Apprentice oyster farmer

Become an oyster farmer for a few hours.

Come to our oyster farm and create your own oyster-growing rope by participating in our oyster-collage workshop… then come back and taste them in three years’ time!

Tarbouriech adventure

On board one of our working boats, discover the innovative oyster suspension racks which form “La Marée Solaire”, the patented oyster farming technique that makes Tarbouriech oysters so unique. From June to September, you can book one of these boats for a private trip.

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Learn how to taste Oysters as if they were a vintage wine. During this enjoyable, hands-on workshop, you will discover the history of these shellfish, learn about oyster farming methods around the world, and discover the various ways that oysters were and are consumed, from the dawn of time to the present day.



In this small, sheltered port nestling on the shores of the Thau lagoon, the traces of ancient civilisations who also appreciated the gentle Mediterranean way of life are still apparent. The moderately-sized houses, built with black lava stone, are a sign of discreet affluence. Marseillan is a gateway onto the Canal du Midi, and is proud of its agricultural, trade and maritime roots. Enjoy the gentle pace of life with a drink or take a stroll through the streets to the shore, then on to the Pointe des Onglous.


Visit the Noilly Prat cellars, invent your own personal cocktail, or taste the James Bond cocktail based on this famous vermouth.

In the historic cellars of this modern, innovative firm, discover Joseph Noilly and Claudius Prat’s dream: to recreate the taste of wine that had been transported in barrels on ship decks. Then take time out to relax on the quayside.


Follow in the footsteps of travellers making the trip from ancient Rome to Spain. 

Revel in the unchanging Mediterranean light; watch the sunlight playing on the vine leaves. Admire the beauty of the reflections on the blue lagoon. Take a peaceful stroll and savour the sweet pleasure of living as you wander between the grapevines and the lagoon.


Pézenas, one of the most beautiful towns in France, is about fifteen kilometres from the Domaine Tarbouriech.

Capital of the Languedoc region during the 12th century, Pézenas boasts over 30 buildings that are classified as “Historic Monuments”. Together, they tell the story of the town’s rich, prosperous past in terms of art, craftsmanship and trade.

Come and discover the local specialties like the famous Pézenas pâtés (small pies) or berlingots (sweets).


Built in concentric circles around its 13th century university, the 8th largest city in France is bursting with energy.

The pulse of the city never stops, and Montpellier is a real melting pot of influences, styles and ways of life: its art, culture, sport and shopping will enchant you.

Whether you are looking for a romantic moment in the medieval courtyard of a private mansion or a night out clubbing, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Become a historian for a day.

Inside this 12th century Cistercian abbey, look for the Florentine, Occitan and Burgundy influences, and imagine the history of a place that still holds many mysteries. You will be enchanted by the so-called “grapevine cathedral”, as well as by the wine-aging cellars, or the Conservatory of grape varieties.


If you are looking for a festive destination, take a trip to Cap d’Agde, where fresh water and salt water meet.

A vibrant place both by day and by night, “The Cap” combines the Mediterranean lifestyle with a lively atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Whether you are a sporty family or a night owl, you will meet other people just like yourselves.